On the way to the perfect pizza Part IV – The time makes it too

Now it goes on with the evaluation of the pizza dough, the whole 24 hours in the refrigerator were allowed. The result is a dream over the 90 minutes gone dough. In the meantime, I have again researched something on the subject and found that you should store the dough for up to 5 days in the refrigerator. This would have matured the next plan! But let’s just talk the facts, because we are still interested, which dough is the winner !

Attention, this article is the second part. The first part can be found here:

The preparation of the pizza

At first, I scraped the dough out of the food boxes and then carefully shaped it into balls. Previously, he was allowed to take room temperature for 30 minutes. Well formed, the beads were then allowed to wait under a cloth until the oven was hot enough.

On the way to the perfect pizza (Part IV) - The right mix

As soon as the stone was hot enough, I again formed small slices, with a thick edge. Tomato sauce and mozzarella on it and quickly in the oven for 7 minutes to bake. So their baking time was just as long as for the previously prepared test pizzas.

On the way to the perfect pizza (Part IV) - The right mix

Came out these little miracles.

On the way to the perfect pizza (Part IV) - The right mix

To better illustrate the visual difference between the two, here’s the previous day’s pizza.

On the way to the perfect pizza (Part IV) - The right mix

It can be clearly seen that the pizzas from the dough stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours have a much nicer tan. But once again, the look is not everything. However, I am doing it a bit shorter today, having written in more detail last time 🙂

In the categories …


  1. 80% Tipo 00 + 20% durum wheat semolina flour
  2. 50% Tipo 00 + 50% Type 550
  3. 100% type 550
  4. 100% Tipo 00
  5. 100% type 405


  1. 100% Tipo 00
  2. 80% Tipo 00 + 20% durum wheat semolina flour
  3. 50% Tipo 00 + 50% Type 550 and 100% Type 550
  4. 100% type 405


  1. 80% Tipo 00 + 20% durum wheat semolina flour
  2. 100% Tipo 00
  3. 50% Tipo 00 + 50% Type 550
  4. 100% type 405
  5. 100% type 550


  1. 80% Tipo 00 + 20% durum wheat semolina flour
  2. 100% Tipo 00
  3. 50% Tipo 00 + 50% Type 550
  4. 100% type 550
  5. 100% type 405

Final placement after 24 hours walking time

  1. 80% Tipo 00 + 20% durum wheat semolina flour (19 P.)
  2. 100% Tipo 00 (15 P.)
  3. 50% Tipo 00 + 50% Type 550 (13 P.)
  4. 100% Type 550 (9 P.)
  5. 100% Type 405 (6 P.)

(1st place – 5 points, 2nd place – 4 points, 3rd place – 3 points, 4th place – 2 points, 5th place – 1 point)

That looks quite clear, right?

My winners and losers

At first I would like to mention briefly that of course I only used 4 different types of flour. Therefore, I can only evaluate the flours and discuss their usability.

My clear winner is the 80/20 mixture of Tipo 00 and durum wheat semolina. Not only did the pizza have a wonderfully crunchy bottom, the rim was crispy on the outside and pleasantly relaxed on the inside. That’s how I like my pizza! In addition, the dough without problems in shape was to pull – without tearing! But why was this dough so much better? I think it is because of the durum wheat semolina flour and its high protein content of 12%. As nearly 80% of them are gluten, this ensures a good elasticity and the air is well contained. Hence a nice big pore. In terms of taste, it comes completely to pizzas, which you get from a good Italian (at least, I feel). I suspect, however, that the same result could be obtained with a mixture of 550 flour and durum wheat semolina. Surely I will try that, but not today;).

I was disappointed with the 550 flour. It was praised in so many places that I expected much more. Just because I read in many forums that it was so much better than Tipo 00. The tanning was indeed very long with a long walk, but it was not convincing taste. In addition to the test pizza, we have baked at home, among other things, these two below. On the right in the picture with a dough of flour of 550, on the left with 405er.

On the way to the perfect pizza (Part IV) - The right mix

As nice as it looks. The edge was fluffy and soft inside, but not a bit crisp. If you like it, this flour is certainly the right one for you. I prefer airy inside, crispy on the outside.

A little note in between: I have already mentioned earlier that the type designation comes from the mineral content. That’s the same in Italy. Therefore our type 405 corresponds to the Italian Tipo 00. I denoch as Tipo 00, because I do not want to be confused.

What does the price say?

The big criticism of the Tipo 00 comes mainly condition, since it should be usually quite expensive. The flour of the Freißinger Mühlen GmbH used by me, however, is quite cheap. I paid € 0.99 for 1 kg (globe). Of course, durum wheat semolina flour with a price of more than € 3 / kg is expensive.

overall conclusion

When you do that, you gain a lot of insight. Good pizza does not have to be expensive . Although Semola is quite expensive in itself, but also represented in the dough only to 20% that relativizes the cost, of course, tremendously. The question would be how far you could use classic durum wheat semolina.

If that’s too complicated, I would recommend buying a flour that has a high protein content ( > 10% ). This is definitely the decisive factor for a good stable dough.

And knead for a long time! Unfortunately, that does not stay out, whether five minutes are enough, I honestly do not think so, but it should be 10 minutes in any case. Longer is generally not wrong. I’ll try that on another pizza day.

In addition, the result after 24 hours of walking in the refrigerator once again improved significantly and I found it very pleasant to work with. You can prepare it in peace on the eve and the next day you just have to get it out of the fridge. After a good 30 minutes you can throw it into the oven. If the dough does not pull or press easily, it is still too cold, then simply wait 10 minutes.

So much for that now. I hope it has helped me, in any case. After so much pizza I set it off for a week now

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