Homemade custard

300 ml full fat milk
4 egg yolks
30 g caster sugar 
30 g plain flour
½ tsp vanilla extract

separate 4 egg yolks in a bowl add caster sugar and wisk to combine
Add flour and vanilla and wisk to combine
Heat milk on gentle heat until warm not quite boiling
Stir regulary so it doesnt burn when milk is warm take off heat and gradually add the bowl mixture a bit at a time whisking as you go to make sure mixed well before adding more
Once combined put the mixture into pan and return to low heat
Continue to cook whisking continously until it get to the thickness you want and no lumps appear a thin custard takes about 10 mins but keep whisking to make it thicker Once you have it the thickness you want remove from heat and whisk for another minute
serve hot

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